Mumbai roadside eats series: # 2 – Zanzanit Batata Vada

The language of food is universal. Tempted me to write about another favorite food of the Mumbaikars: Batata Vada/Vada Pav. The dish itself is simple. Boil potatoes, mash them, add some spices to the mashed potatoes (ginger, garlic, chili powder etc.), roll into a ball shape, dip into a batter made of chick peas flour, fry it and voila! You have that spicy little snack you can’t wait to literally sink your teeth into 🙂 Want to add some flavor? Have it with dry ‘lasoon’ chutney. You can bet Kaimal teacher wouldn’t want to have anything to do with lasoon chutney because of its ‘pungent, irritating odor’ 😉 Need to up the spice quotient? Throw in some green chillies, fried or raw. If you want it to be more filling, stuff the batata vada into a fresh, soft pav with some chutney and onion thrown in and the taste is simply divine! Wait, where are you going? Let me guess. Just thinking about the humble batata vada tickled your palate so much you are either getting up to make some or go out and grab them from a nearby roadside vendor 😉 Remember to eat it hot, that’s when it tastes best !
Batata vada is so popular it has its own entry in Wikipedia:

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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