Diamond in the rough!

To some he appeared gruff
Though he knew a lot of stuff
People did not know him enough
He was a diamond in the rough!

Ain’t always about polish
Judging book by cover can be foolish
His ability was almost freakish
Talent packaged not to satisfy every wish.

A few cuts here and there
Bright light shining multiple facets
That’s all it took to reveal latent talent
He was a diamond in the rough! 👍

Dedicated to all exceptional talents waiting to be discovered 🙏

Climate change

Clear, blue western skies
Turned crimson red, burning with rage; 😡
Trees that normally sustain,
Fallen victims of human disdain; 😭
Charred remains of places of shelter,
Ere homes that had seen times better; 😭
The Rockies turned white with fear,
Freezing to attention;
The Midwest shed silent tears, đŸ˜ĸ
Weeping all week, emerging soaking wet;
Witnessing effects of climate change,
Will human behavior change? 🙏


Spreading like wildfire,
Sweeping everything in its way,
Novel coronavirus had a big say,
The eastern states were humbled,
That was the first quarter. đŸ˜ĸ

Some went Woodward,
Others went wayward,
Spiraling into the untoward,
The Midwest stumbled,
Unfolded thus the second quarter. đŸ˜ĸ

The flames turned into wildfire and leapt westward,
Aided by heat, strong wind and follies of humankind,
Consuming pristine woods like there is no tomorrow,
Leaving behind trail of destruction and sorrow,
Not quite done yet in the third quarter. đŸ˜ĸ😭

As we look ahead,
Not yet out of the woods,
People trying to pick up the pieces,
Will we rise from the ashes like a phoenix,
Will the situation improve in the fourth quarter? 🙏