Greek tragedy?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Delta, Lambda, Kappa
Zeta, Eta, Theta
Random Greek alphabets?
Or name of Greek fraternities?
Or basics to learning the classics?
Could be any of the above
Yet these are names WHO appears to love
For coronavirus variants on the move!
A recent variant labeled Omicron
Sounds like combination of Ominous and Cron
Has the feel of a ticking time bomb;
Are humans stuck in a loop
Of never-ending alphabet soup
Or will we find the will to regroup?
For starters, to put the public at ease
Stop using wave to describe outbreaks of the disease
For waves do not cease! πŸ™

Earnest Appeal πŸ™

My dear bunny
It’s no longer funny;
O little chipmunk
Ye making me look like a punk;
Thou nimble squirrel
You too putting my plants in peril;
Fruit, vegetable or flower
Y’all continue to devour 😒
Do your bite
Come from spite?
Do my plants have to be out of sight
To get some respite?
For the plants to give
Don’t they need to survive?
If buzz cut is all that will remain
Why shouldn’t I complain? 😑