Acts of kindness :)

Acts of kindness create a positive impact on the beneficiary of such actions and leave a lasting impression. Have been lucky to receive and also witness acts of kindness many a times. Below are some that come to mind at this time that I felt like sharing.

Your toll is paid for, Sir!
Few years ago we were returning from Chicago on Christmas Eve. Those days I did not have an I-Pass (prepaid toll device with online recharging feature). At one of the toll booths as I stopped to pay toll I was waved off and the attendant said “You toll is paid for, Sir! You can proceed ahead”. Turns out the person ahead had paid for the next person 🙂 Wow, what a noble thought in keeping with the spirit of the holidays was my reaction!

No problem at all, I can drop your son for his class!
For a few years I was working out of town and wife was doing a great job managing a full time job, winter snow, dropping and picking up son to school and other activities. When she moved to a new position at work she couldn’t drop son for his music class due to some job specific situation. Hesitantly we asked retired lady next door if she could help. She was more than happy to assist and for few months it was of great help till we could manage on our own. We were very thankful for the cheerful help we got.

Main paisa de doongi bhaiyya (I will pay for it)!
Back when I was in school one day I decided to treat my friend and myself to sherbet/gola from street bhaiyya (vendor). Both of us had a good time. When it came time to pay up I realized I was a little short of cash. Was at my wit’s end as I did not know what to do. Another lady who was having sherbet at that time noticed the situation I was in and without any hesitation asked the bhaiyya how much I owed and simply paid it. A total stranger, not rich, helped when she did not have to. Don’t remember her face but to me she was a Goddess on that day.

Prasad (offering to God distributed to devotees) from temple!
When I was school (or college) for a few years an elderly, retired gentleman used to go to local temple every morning and on the way back give temple prasad to us for a few years. Not sure why but he just did this on his own and all of us were touched by this gesture.

Flowers for pooja (prayer)!
Past year or two my parents said a lady from the same residential community who plucks flowers every morning has been giving it to them for pooja daily. Not a family friend she just does it probably because she feels good about it. Nice gesture indeed.

In my book an act of kindness is something one does wholeheartedly without being asked for, without considering who the person is and without expecting anything in return. When I get the opportunity hopefully I am able to rise to the occasion.
Always count your blessings folks. Thanks!

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

Hi All, Welcome to my home in cyberspace! You can call me Raj. Feel free to explore, discuss, comment and most importantly have a good time!

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