Shop closed because of high grades!

This afternoon, after a long time, we added donuts to the shopping list. Donuts brought back memories of few years ago. When my son was in middle school one day he came back home from school and excitedly announced local Krispy Kreme shop was offering free donuts to students who got A grade in school at the end of a semester. Nothing like a prize or a freebie to boost students’ confidence and validation of their good performance. So, off we went to the shop. I was expecting one or two free donuts. I showed my son’s report card. Imagine my surprise when the girl at the counter said he was eligible to get about a dozen free donuts after looking at the report card. I was thinking up to 10 donuts is fine 🙂 but a dozen is bit too much 😀 But who says no to the prospect of fresh and sweet glazed donut melting in the mouth on first bite, right? 😉 For the next couple of years the same routine followed at the end of each semester. In later visits I requested the shop folks to reduce the # of donuts they offered to us. The owner of the shop must have been a nice person wanting to encourage students. His love for education probably matched my love for donuts then. The shop closed 3-4 years later. I was kidding to my son today “We probably helped that shop close business by cleaning out the shop with our end of semester visits” 😦 To the owner of the shop: Sorry, I did not thank you enough earlier as I was too busy sinking my teeth into those tasty donuts. Thanks a lot, may your tribe grow and prosper.

I was eating most of those donuts. Actually a co-worker and good friend indulged my sweet tooth when we both worked in the same office for the company we worked for, in Iowa. She used to drive in from Chicago area and me from Wisconsin. On some Monday mornings she would show up to work with 2 dozen fresh donuts for our group. Before lunch I would help myself to couple. Then guilt would take over and I would stop myself from having more. After lunch the longing for some more donuts would soon come back. I would rationalize to myself “I gave others a chance to grab their share. I can help myself to some more now as these donuts are meant to be consumed fresh 😉 😀 Felt sinful afterwards but I was committed to committing the sin on first bite 😀

If the local donut shop was still open I would be sugared up and bouncing off the walls now 😀 Even a sad ending had some positive effect 🙂

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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