Why do I write?

Not being a professional writer I have myself wondered why I write. The objective is to put into words something that others can relate to and brighten up the day by bringing a smile. I liken my writing to an amateur and enthusiastic cook making and serving a dish to see the reaction of those who taste the creation. As I pondered some more other reasons came to mind too
1) Writing for me is a creative and exhilarating experience. The fun is as much in the journey as one puts together the different ingredients and seeing how the final product shapes up
2) Writing has a meditative effect for me in that it helps me calm down and focus on what I am trying to convey. For others similar experience might come from walking, cooking, cleaning, building or fixing gadgets, meditation, painting or whatever an individual’s passion is
3) Trying to write something light or positive also keeps negative thoughts at bay which is very important in today’s world
4) I am more of semantics guy who doesn’t like to worry about syntax. When one writes for fun there is less of a need to conform which appeals to me
5) There are multiple thoughts or ideas running in my mind many a time. Putting into words one idea or thought brings that thought or idea to a logical end and frees up space for others waiting in a queue. Find it kind of liberating
6) As forgetfulness increases find it useful to note down a thought before it is lost
7) I have always admired those who are good at different things or do routine things differently. In relation to writing that translates to bringing an unique and different perspective
8) To be effective my mind likes to drift in and out of a problem. Has the effect of taking a break and coming back to take a fresh look at a problem. If solution to a problem appears to be elusive it helps to push it into the background for the subconscious mind to mull over it and do something like writing in the foreground
9) The joy is more when there is not much of an expectation other than sharing some experience and having a good time. Writing brings that kind of joy
10) When one wakes up early even on a weekend with no planned activity writing helps kill time 😀

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

Hi All, Welcome to my home in cyberspace! You can call me Raj. Feel free to explore, discuss, comment and most importantly have a good time!

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