TheRajBlog – Midterm report

It’s been a few months since I started my own blog. As children return to school after summer holidays I thought it’s a good time to issue midterm report in Q&A format!

Background: Over the years I have been posting on FB and some friends suggested I start my own blog. Did not give serious thought to it for a long time. Earlier this year decided to explore what options are available. After a bit of research decided to go with as it seemed to be a site specifically for bloggers. Chose the paid option as I did not want visitors to encounter pesky ads that free options generally come up with.

How the name was chosen? First choice was RajBlog to keep it simple and not spend much time thinking about the name. However, that name appeared to be taken already. Then I checked for ‘TheRajBlog’. Looked available. Reason for choosing the name? To joke about the fact some Asian Indians choose ‘the’ liberally and at wrong places (eg. I went to the New York 🙂 ) that I myself may have been likely guilty of at times and also take a mild swipe at self-important folks who like to refer themselves with ‘The’ prefix (just for eg. The Ronald)

Purpose of the blog? Post for fun for the most part, express random thoughts and links to stuff I find interesting.

How can external users access the blog? Best way is to google using the search term ‘therajblog wordpress’ and link to the blog should be at or near the top of search results

How is the site for blog laid out? It’s very simple and minimal the way I prefer things to be and also fitting with my lazy nature 😀 Just a welcome page with 2 menus at the top right corner: ‘Home’ and ‘Themes’. For those interested in exploring further from the homepage click on the down arrow beside ‘Themes’ menu to see the different themes under which the site is organized and feel free to check them out. Once in a world of infotainment opens up to the intrepid explorer 😉

How has the response been? At this time the blog has a total of 13 followers including myself and my better half 🙂 Makes me wonder if all those folks who suggested I start a blog are having a big laugh thinking “We were joking when we mentioned about starting a blog. This guy took it rather seriously 😀 ” Asked my wife to check out the blog just to see if it’s easy to access and comment. Looks like liking or leaving a comment for a blog post may need entering an Email or some other information for users that are not wordpress subscribers. I understand for most people that might be tedious and information they may not be comfortable sharing.

How do we see the future for this blog? Considering the fact I can’t sell anything to save my life I think with 11 external followers we have outperformed all expectations 😉 😀 With six more followers we would have 50% growth. That’s explosive growth by any standard! The sky is the limit for this blog the way we see it 😀

Disclaimer: Projections for are forward in nature and subject to visitor traffic. Throw caution to the wind and access the blog for the results to match projections. Visitor discretion not required for liking the blog posts 😉

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

Hi All, Welcome to my home in cyberspace! You can call me Raj. Feel free to explore, discuss, comment and most importantly have a good time!

2 thoughts on “TheRajBlog – Midterm report”

  1. Raj I thoroughly enjoyed the gentle nudge you provided to your blog readers. It is needed sometimes. As you know Newton’ s first law invariably takes over on the side of inertia


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