Modern day parable

A rich, old man (ROM), born to wealth and power, given to recklessness and wild behavior, was pulled over by a police officer (PO) for driving well over 75mph on a 65mph speed limit highway.
PO: Sir, can you please furnish your driving license please?
ROM: For what reason?
PO: Sir, you were driving well over the speed limit
ROM: It can’t be, there must be some mistake
PO: No Sir, there is nothing wrong with the radar gun, I can assure you
ROM: You got to be kidding me, I have never driven over speed limit ever. If at all I drove over the speed limit it must have been momentarily to get ahead of an 18-wheeler ahead of me in my lane
PO: That’s not the case, another PO alerted me 10 miles back that you were driving over the speed limit. We charge drivers only if they drive over the limit consistently for a stretch
ROM: Do you know who I am? I am a rich and powerful man, I have built a lot of businesses and employ thousands of people
PO: Providing gainful employment is a noble thing to do, that’s nice of you. However, that’s got nothing to do with driving over speed limit. Can I get your driver license please?
ROM: A smart, young officer like you could earn much more. I could employ someone like you as my acting chief security officer. Have you given a thought of earning more for your skills?
PO: No Sir and I must warn you promising employment to an officer on duty could invite charges of bribing. Your license please
ROM: I need to speak to my lawyer first
PO: In deference to your age I am allowing you to call your lawyer. However, I am sorry to say your lawyer has no role to play here. You were the only person in a speeding car and from what I see it’s not a self-driving car assuming self-driving cars are street legal. We also have a photograph of you behind the wheel. Nice, clear picture with your hair blowing in the wind. You must have been driving with the windows rolled down
ROM (after calling lawyer and getting no answer, muttering): Where the heck is Broody when I need him?
PO: Sir?
ROM: Oh, Broody is the nickname for my lawyer. I gave him that name, he is the brooding type you see 😀 He is a bloody good lawyer though!
PO: He might very well be a good lawyer but I can’t wait all day here. I have more work to do. If I don’t get your driver license in 5 minutes you might face additional charge of obstructing an officer from doing his duty. It’s your choice
ROM (looking at other cars speeding on the highway over the speed limit) waves his hand in that direction
PO (reading ROM’s thought): Sir, till today you were one of those drivers who got away driving over speed limit. Your 5 minutes are almost up, as you wisely noted there are other drivers that need attention too. By not furnishing your license you are preventing me from doing my duty. I need your license now!
ROM (seeing he has no other alternative) hands over his driving license to the officer who issues a speeding ticket
PO (handing back the driver license to ROM): Thank you, Sir! You are free to go now
ROM (seething with rage): I will contest this ticket in court. Will sue the hell out of everyone if needed
PO: Sure, Sir. You will have your day in court. One sage advice, Sir: Drive safe and go easy on the gas pedal. There are other officers along the way, getting more than one ticket will be considered pattern of behavior and your driving license could be suspended for reckless driving
ROM (starting his car) stares angrily at the officer
PO (while walking back to the patrol car): Have a good rest of the day and enjoy your drive, Sir!

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with the cops unless you want to turn a bad situation worse!

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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