Great day for sports fans!

An incredible day for sports fans! A major winner in individual sport and Super Bowl champion in team sport. What more could any sports fan ask for?

Woke up this morning and read Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open Tennis tournament. Was too early to watch the match live. Had to be content reading the reports. After having watched live on earlier occasions Djokovic win a few majors and pull out victories in tight matches it came as no surprise he won despite trailing two sets to one in the match. Champions always find a way to win!

Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl later this evening led by Patrick Mahomes, their charismatic QB with never-say-attitude, oodles of talent and loads of confidence belying his age. The way he plays the sport it seems he plays the Super Bowl everyday. Watched this game live. In the fourth quarter, with his team trailing, Mahomes wanted to be in the thick of action while 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo wore an expression that looked like he would prefer to be anywhere else. Not to suggest that’s how he felt. Just that different people react different to pressure.

In both finals the eventual winner trailed well into the 2nd half of their matches and still found that something extra to up their game to win it. That’s what great champions do. When they are in tough situations they seize the moment, can win ugly and do enough to finish better. Just couple of major finals in sports and for the rest of us reality beckons tomorrow, there are more important things that matter in life. Tonight though sports is king and that is all that matters. At this moment 🙂

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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