Mother’s Day special: Falafel pita sandwich

Celebrated Mother’s Day at home today with family and it was fun. To make it special and a little different we decided to go with falafel pita sandwich with the guys (me and son) actually assisting with the falafel pita sandwich making process!

The ingredients: Pita bread (whole wheat and white), hummus (store bought), avocado dip, falafel balls (home made with chickpea flour), cucumber, tomato, zucchini and onion all chopped to small pieces, cilantro cut fine, green chutney.The result: yummy!

Lest you doth protest too much saying “That ain’t no falafel pita sandwich” I say “Hey, if you can slap anything between 2 loaves of bread and can call it a sandwich why I can’t I stuff the pita bread with falafel and other sandwich wannabe ingredients and call it a falafel pita sandwich 😀

P.S. It was a different day in terms of weather too. Was snowing quite hard for more than an hour. Enough for it to stick to the grass for a nice coat and force me to cover the pants or keep them inside the porch. Later when the snow had stopped it was time to unwrap the cover off the plants soon after unwrapping the lid off falafel pita sandwich 🙂

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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