The Unsung. The Unwanted. The Extinguished.

It’s been an extraordinary week of grim reality in what has been an extraordinary year full of grim news so far. We approached and then surpassed 100,000 coronavirus/covid-19 related deaths; more than 40 million Americans are now unemployed; one life needlessly lost due to force which was clearly avoidable. Take it all in.

The Extinguished: One life lost needlessly. Gone forever
The Unsung: 100,000+ lives lost to coronavirus/covid-19 related deaths and counting. Gone forever
The Unwanted: 40+ millions Americans now unemployed. Jobs and livelihoods gone. Hopefully not gone forever

We may have come a long way but there is no starker reminder that we have a long way to go.

We have multiple crises on our hands. Some who are tasked to lead are shying away, some who are tasked to protect and enforce laws are breaking them instead.

The world is watching America. There are fires raging all across the land. The need to act is urgent. We may have been viewed as too self-absorbed, short-sighted in our actions with a tendency to show off but the world still looked up to us as we were considered open, generous, flawed yet precociously talented and leading the way. The need to lead and act is now. Will we find a way to dig ourselves out of the mess we find ourselves in? Time, already in short supply, will tell 🙏

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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