Fight against the pandemic

Few weeks ago read Dr Fauci interview where he described his daily routine during the coronavirus pandemic. He puts in like 20 hours/day all 7 days of the week. While that in itself is impressive, especially for a 79 year old person, and puts to shame many people much younger what impressed me most was him being able to squeeze in 4 hours of sleep each day! I dug deeper to find out how he makes that happen. He used to run 7 miles/day earlier. Now he has cut it down to 3.5 miles/day. Aha, the guy is slacking off! πŸ˜‚
Jokes apart, his background makes for interesting reading. Raised in a religious family, service to others was instilled in him very early in his life πŸ‘ Prior to attending medical school he studied the classics ( giving him a well rounded personality. Learned to listen to critical views during the HIV/AIDS epidemic bringing out the humility in him. Speaking truth to power and holding on to job is a big achievement in itself these days which he has been able to do πŸ‘ Professionals like him may not get it right first always but give hope to ordinary citizens their heart is in the right place even as they let their scientific training guide their approach to work πŸ™

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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