Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mom, all mothers and everyone celebrating their mom:
“Happy Mother’s Day!” 👍🙏
A mother’s love is the purest, most selfless form of love. Few weeks ago watched on TV real life story of Ada Blackjack nÊe Delutuk (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Blackjack), an inspiring story of true love, grit, determination, faith and hope. 👌 In 1921, she joined an Arctic expedition across the Chukchi Sea to Russia’s Wrangel Island. She was recruited for the expedition to sew fur clothing for the team. She joined the expedition to earn money for her ailing son Bennett. Long story short, the expedition ran into rough weather literally and she was left caring for one expedition member who fell sick while other members of the team ventured out. She cared for the sick explorer who died after about 5 months. All alone, except for the expedition’s cat for company, she toughed it out for ~ 8 months in extreme weather till she was rescued. The money she earned helped save her son. 👏

It’s delightful to see people’s face light up when they fondly recall memories of their mother. It’s funny to see big Shaq quake in his boots when his mother admonishes him for some silly on-air feud. 😂 It was heartbreaking to see and hear George Floyd call out for his mother as his life was ebbing away. đŸ˜ĸ It was heartening to read about Bam Adebayo surprising his mom by buying a home for her in appreciation of all her hard work and the sacrifices made by her when he was growing up. 👏 My mom helps me stay grounded and think positive. 👍😊

In recent times it’s become a habit for me to watch reruns of cooking shows on TV. “It reminds me of food cooked by my mom, it’s so comforting I could keep on eating this dish” is among the best praises lavished by patrons of restaurants and judges of cooking shows. Hearing that I feel
“With moms around, the world is in good hands. Everything will be alright” 👍

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙏

Author: Rajaram 'Raj' Gopalan

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