Weekend humor: Lane departure warning! ðŸ˜‰

It would be nice if human beings had built-in lane departure sensors. Would be even better if the sensors came equipped with steering assist! Imagine a scenario involving a politician spouting off like an expert scientist and the lane departure sensor gets triggered. He/She gets warned by the sensor to stay in their lane to avoid collision with knowledgeable experts. If he/she keeps talking after the warning steering assist should get activated in the form of mild electric shock, with increasing intensity every 30 seconds the warning is ignored, to make it more fun. 😂
Lane departure warning would work effectively with other folks like entertainers, businessmen, sportsperson and people from many other professions too to prevent them straying from their lane of expertise! The benefits are endless, what say? 😊
Hey, I am a dreamer 😃🙏

Feast before frost: Peaky Blinders look! ðŸ˜ƒ

My friend, Ravenous Bunny, had a jolly good time I must say with a feast before frost. The end result: Tall stemmed plant is now looking Packers QB Aaron Rodgers with his new Peaky Blinders haircut 😂

Links to video clips of Ravenous Bunny below

Weekend Humor: Rx?

Went to a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription. While I waited in the line noticed an elderly gentleman waiting behind me. I asked that gentleman to go ahead of me. He had received a notification for picking up prescription refill yesterday. The pharmacist did not find any prescription ready for pickup. After checking the computer the pharmacist informed him that it had already been picked up yesterday. As I stepped up to the counter I had to ask the obvious question: Was the elderly gentleman picking up a prescription for forgetfulness? 🙂 The pharmacist smiled and said no but he had quite a few other prescription refills 🙏

Tennis legend Roger Federer!

Tennis legend Roger Federer retired from professional tennis after playing his last match in Laver Cup couple of days ago, named after another living tennis legend of yore! 👍🙏

In an amazing career spanning more than 2 decades he has left an indelible imprint with his style of play and raising the bar for success at the highest level 👏 His game was characterized by athleticism, fluid grace and smooth strokes making it all look effortless👌 In addition his fluency in expressing himself articulately in multiple languages and his fashion sense and sartorial choices made him the perfect advert for promoting the game👍

He is like an adopted son at Wimbledon where he enjoyed the most success in Grand Slam tournaments. Known for stiff upper lip the Brits have not been shy of showing some emotion in the past two weeks with the passing away of their Queen and the King of Wimbledon announcing his move to the next phase of his life 🙏

Let’s relive the moments of Roger Federer’s success at Wimbledon one more time.

Chair Umpire: Quiet please. Thank you!

Chair Umpire: Game, Set, Match, Championship – Roger Federer 👏👍🙏