Looking back, looking ahead 🙏

Today is the last day of 2021. Right time to look back, look ahead.
Put simply 2021 has been an extraordinary year!
A year in which
• Good and bad were engaged in a constant battle
• Many lives were saved, many lives were lost
• Prosperity soared and paucity increased
• The bright lights of democracy were threatened by inimical forces
• We witnessed courage and cowardice in plenty
• Truth tried to emerge while misinformation exploded
• Olympian heights were reached along with plumbing of depths
• Welcome jabs were followed by unwelcome jabbing
• Lessons were learned hard and quickly forgotten
• There was a lot gained and a lot lost
• Hope and fear seemed to be juxtaposed

It has been a year to reevaluate priorities and relationships, both personal and professional, for many including yours truly. Will be interesting to see how historians view 2021. When 2021 and 2022 meet I hope the intersection is at love. 🥰 Hey, even the number 2022 has a good feel to it! Like beautiful swans together, one followed by two! Humanity needs to transition from a world of pain, loss and grief to one that abounds in love. My optimism is tempered by reality and reality is tinged with optimism. 🙏

Sayonara 2021! Welcome 2022! 👍

2020 Raj Farm Update# 8 – Bountiful Harvest 👍

It’s harvest time at Raj Farm, folks, and it’s been bountiful harvest this year! 👏 This news must come as music to your ears as y’all have been waiting anxiously to hear this good news all year. It’s been cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onion bunches, basil, strawberries and roses all the way! 👌 Yes, we have had to deal with rapacious rabbits but the hardy plants of Raj Farm have weathered the most ferocious attacks and still stand strong and tall 👏 We here at the farm shored up the defense of the most vulnerable plants by standing them up on smooth and sheer plastic face i.e. inverted buckets, to make it harder for the rabbits to get a grip on this situation. So far it appears to be working 👍
For more information let the picture speak to all patrons of this farm.

Always remember one thing:
At Raj Farm we don’t produce produce, we harvest love 🙏

Yes, I do!

Peals of laughter
Squeals of delight
Roar of approval
Love was in the air!

In bounded a knight
Clutching something tight
Surprised there were many
As he went down on one knee!

Eternity passed before she said yes
Then the skies rained confetti
They shared a kiss
A sight not to miss!

Smiles were exchanged
Champagne freely flowed
Asked “Do you know what you will do?”
They chorused “Yes, I do; Yes, I do” !

Background: Past few years I have been in touch with college classmates thanks to WhatsApp group created by an enterprising mate from my batch. With many folks working or doing business all over the world whenever someone is visiting India friends meet and generally have a good time eating, drinking and making merry. So it was when a batchmate working in the USA visited India couple of years ago. This guy was the only bachelor in our group and many of us married guys used to pull his leg. He was a sport and falling in love with a girl or woman every other day. An informal coed get together was organized. On the eve of the meeting when our confirmed bachelor friend announced he was going to propose to another batchmate our first reaction was “Yeah, right!” 😀 It’s not common for 50-something batchmate to propose to another batchmate at a get together. The day of the meet arrived and as the evening wore on there were photos being posted on WhatsApp group. All friends who could meet were having a jolly good time. Finally the moment arrived. Our man proposed and the lady accepted! As more photos of celebration were posted it was time for some Raj silly verse to celebrate. Above is that attempt. I had decided it had to end with “Yes, I do” 🙂 The challenge was working my way backwards and capture the spirit of the occasion.