A different Spring

Birds are chirping
Flowers are blooming
Temperatures are rising
Yet it’s a different Spring!

Nature likes to give
Humans love nature to give
’tis now human turn to give
For a better chance to live!

Nature did not disappoint us
As usual what we want she gave us
Yet we face a threat very serious
Thanks to pandemic causing virus 😭

Empty are the streets
Save for protesters on the streets
Pity we can’t savor nature’s treats
Gone too are cheerful human greets ☹️

Here is the striking thing
’tis looking more like Arab Spring
Not the usual American spring
Yes it’s a different Spring! πŸ™

Story of Nature

Hey Nature
You are quite a painter!
For months you spread color
To enliven the decor;
From your infinite palette
Emerge creations to suit every palate;
When you paint a picture
’tis always pretty as a picture;
Then you whiten the canvas
And we ponder if it’s our loss;
We seek reason
You provide season;
Thence you start all over
We wait to behold that future!

Arctic chill

Caught in the vortex of an arctic chill
Everything appears frozen and still!
Chance of stepping out in shorts is practically nil
Dressing in layers has become a daily drill!

I asked my good friend Bill
“Is there hope for a warm Spring still”?
Staring at the sky he said “Look forward to more spill”
All talk of warm weather is rumor mill!

Can someone either give me a chill pill
Or reveal secret to keep down the heating bill?
Hope for something better springs eternal still
Wish I could change the weather at will! πŸ™‚