Earnest Appeal 🙏

My dear bunny
It’s no longer funny;
O little chipmunk
Ye making me look like a punk;
Thou nimble squirrel
You too putting my plants in peril;
Fruit, vegetable or flower
Y’all continue to devour đŸ˜ĸ
Do your bite
Come from spite?
Do my plants have to be out of sight
To get some respite?
For the plants to give
Don’t they need to survive?
If buzz cut is all that will remain
Why shouldn’t I complain? 😡

Caught in the act!

Had gone out for grocery shopping. Looks like one person was looking forward to me going out: My philosopher friend rabbit 😅 Seizing the moment rabbit started scoping the backyard for food potential. Wife was having supper. She got up to photograph her little buddy. Rabbit did a full 360 as he surveyed the menu on display. Took a bite of flower plant I transplanted to coir basket this morning (transferred earlier rabbit victim yellow rose plant to the pot this flower plant was originally in this morning) 😡 Then wife uttered the magic words: Raj will be back home any time now! đŸ¤Ŗ Good presence of mind 👏 Rabbit pulled a vanishing act instantly 🙂 Remains to be seen what tonight holds for the poor plants facing a ravenous and rapacious rabbit intent on rampage đŸ˜ĸ

I am doing my job, you do yours!

As I looked out the window this morning my heart sank. The rose plant in the backyard had a trimmed look, dreams appearing to be nipped in the bud 😭
The culprit: Rabbit of course 😡
Tried to reason with the rabbit. This is how the conversation went.

Me: Hey rabbit, what have you done to my rose plant? Do you have an explanation for your action?
Rabbit: I did what I normally do!
Me: Which is?
Rabbit: Doing my job!
Me: And what is your job?
Rabbit: What you see!
Me: Eating whatever is in sight?
Rabbit: Listen, you are doing your job, I am doing mine. You are trying to put food on the table, I am trying to put food into my mouth. We are both doing our jobs. Do I complain to you about how you do your job?
Me: Can we work out a solution where you do your job part-time so that the plants can survive too, you still have your job and I can stay in the business of growing plants? 🙂 The rabbit ran away before I finished what I was saying 😠

I learned my lesson the hard away though. The great outdoors belong to the flora and fauna of that place. We are probably lucky to get a lease on something that doesn’t really belong to us 🙏

My enemy, my wife’s good friend!

Short update today on my enemy, my wife’s good friend: Rabbit!
Sighted this rabbit in the backyard where some Raj Farm transplants are.
First the rabbit acted coy pretending to be enjoying a pleasant, sunny morning.
Next took off like rushing to work.
Finally posed for a picture as if catching up breath after a hard day’s work: flattening the cucumber plant ☚ī¸

Voracious appetite, good at posing, appears to have discriminating taste!
Remains to be seen if tomato and basil plants, that were not part of the diet for the day, survive the onslaught!
Wife finds the rabbits cute, son likes the sight of rabbits running around, taking a nibble here and nibble there. What can I say? 😄