Dr Fauci Awarded $1 Million Israeli Prize For ‘Speaking Truth To Power’ Amid Pandemic


Wow. awesome! πŸ‘
Dr Fauci’s energy, willingness to learn, adapt and act accordingly, put in extra hours for research and other administrative work and then communicate clearly simply amazing πŸ‘Œ
Perhaps the most amazing quality is speaking truth to power and it’s good that is specifically mentioned as a reason for the award πŸ‘
Qualities worthy of admiration and emulation πŸ™
You da man, Dr Fauci! Take a bow! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Global teacher prize

One of those Only in India type feel good stories 😊
Nah, I was just kidding about the “Only in India” part πŸ™
The inspiring and worthy teacher who won the first prize is from India. πŸ‘
In an incredible act of generosity he has indicated he wants to share half the prize money with the other 9 finalist teachers from all over the world so that they can continue doing their good work with the additional money πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
Way to go! πŸ‘