Raj Farm 2023: First Act! πŸ˜Š

In the Spring of 2023, the ghosts of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson decide to spring a surprise on earthlings by visiting Earth! πŸ˜‰ The purpose of the visit was just to see and experience the joy of an idyllic place instead of the usual business of solving crime. So, Baker Street visit was ruled out. They landed in the picturesque town of Madison, Wisconsin that locals fondly refer to as Madtown or City of Four LakesπŸ‘ŒAs they strolled around, enchanted by the natural beauty of the place, they happened to chance upon The Raj Farm! πŸ‘The board at the entrance read “The Raj Farm – For those in search of peace and tranquility”! πŸ₯° Intrigued by the place Holmes and Watson walked around and enjoyed the serenity of the surroundings! Holmes suddenly noticed a puzzled look on Dr Watson’s face.
Holmes: What is it that is bothering you, my dear Watson?
Dr Watson: Holmes, this is supposed to be a farm and yet, while I see a meadow, I do not see any plants or trees! There are some pots and containers with soil in them.
Holmes: Aha, Watson, looks like another mystery to solve even in this visit. At least it’s not a crime. Let me check!
Dr Watson: Thanks, Holmes! πŸ™
Holmes fishes out a magnifying glass, examining the contents of the pots and other containers very carefully. Next, he lies down and smells the soil in the pots. Finally, he feels the soil in the containers. Then he lets out a satisfied laugh! πŸ˜ƒ
Holmes: The mystery is solved. It’s elementary, Watson!
(Dr Watson still sports a bewildered look)
Holmes: I first examined the soil and found seeds planted. Then I detected faint smell of herbs and peppers indicating what might have been planted. Finally, I felt the soil and there was some dampness I detected. So, my dear Watson, what that means is that the planting season has just started, the seed are in and being watered, and the good folks at the farm are patiently waiting for fruits of their labor as the season progresses.πŸ‘Does that answer your question?
Watson: Yes, it does. πŸ‘Your reasoning always makes everything sound simple and straightforward, Holmes! πŸ™