Climate change

Clear, blue western skies
Turned crimson red, burning with rage; 😡
Trees that normally sustain,
Fallen victims of human disdain; 😭
Charred remains of places of shelter,
Ere homes that had seen times better; 😭
The Rockies turned white with fear,
Freezing to attention;
The Midwest shed silent tears, 😢
Weeping all week, emerging soaking wet;
Witnessing effects of climate change,
Will human behavior change? 🙏

Australia omelette

This morning’s breakfast turned into an Aussie revelation!
Final shape of omelette looked like aerial photo of Australia after the recent bushfires. Red and black portions appeared like areas affected by bushfires covering most of the country 😦 , rest of the mainland looked yellow due to dry grass 😦 Only Tasmania seemed less affected by fire 🙏