Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning I had visitors in my dream. As I lay on my bed I was greeted by multiple voices. Opening my eyes I saw a Group of Seven (G7). They go by the names Success, Happiness, Health, Wealth, Confidence, Knowledge, Power.
They greeted me “Hey man, wassup?”.
Almost reflexively I blurted out “You are a fickle and capricious bunch, aren’t you?”
Together they demanded “What do you mean?”.
I said “You don’t visit us more often and even when you do you don’t stay for long”.
With a smile they replied “Everyone wants us all the time which means we can’t stay in one place for too long. If you desire our presence longer cherish us and nourish us”.
I mumbled “Ok, will do”.
They added “By the way if you have loving family and friends you will find us without even realizing it”.
I thought “Hmmm…that makes sense”.
Then they suggested to seek out the G7 cousins too: Contentment, Kindness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Generosity, Peace, Wisdom.
I gathered my thoughts and replied confidently “I have a loving family and good friends. I see G7 cousins in them and am thankful for that”.
Finally the G7 chorused “That’s good. Don’t worry, we will visit you more often and stay longer. Happy Thanksgiving!” 👍

Wide awake now I wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving! 🙏