RIP Sir Sean Connery, first Bond on screen 🙏

RIP Sir Sean Connery 🙏
Exuding feline grace and the ferocity of a wild cat he brought a pizzazz to the role that was undeniable 👏 Haven’t read any of the Ian Fleming novels but it’s quite possible the franchise may be an instance of the movies being more entertaining and interesting than the novels. I think I have watched only Thunderball with Mr Connery as Bond and he had quite a presence and it’s understandable why he’s thought of so highly whenever there is discussion about the actors who have played Bond on the big screen. 👌There was a mischievous glint in his eye when he played Indy’s father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Mr Connery essayed other roles too with distinction. 👍 While I prefer my heroes among regular folks and think of James Bond character as more of the Brits trying to relive their glory days and imagining one of the own saving the world 😂 the films make for good entertainment if you can just suspend disbelief and enjoy the thrilling ride. Off and on I play and enjoy the title music and even as I am typing this post it’s playing on loop. The creator of Mr Bond character probably did not realize he had you in mind when he wrote his novels. You played the role as if you were to the manor born 👍 We have come a long way from the time “Dr. No” was filmed. This year “Dr., No” sounds more like anguished cry of a person diagnosed positive for coronavirus infection. The franchise has had a good run and IMHO it may be appropriate to draw the curtains on the franchise after the latest Bond movie is released, especially with the original Mr Bond passing away 🙏
Well played, Sir Sean Connery, you were one of a kind 🙏