Full rainbow! 🥰👌👏

Amazing things happen unexpectedly at times.
Last evening I went out for a drive. As I stepped out of the car after parking I was greeted by an amazing sight: A full rainbow! 🌈
’twas a pleasant and very unexpected surprise 👌 as there were barely a few raindrops on the car windshield during my drive and when I parked. I set about trying to capture the glory of the moment. Couple of pictures of the rainbow and then I ran around to take picture of the other side of the sky. I was greeted by the bright orange of the setting Sun! 👍
Such moments can’t be scripted. Felt blessed as I enjoyed the sight of the full rainbow and the setting Sun. It was fleeting. In a minute or two the rainbow was gone as the sky darkened and the Sun disappeared.
In sum that’s life: Make the most of the memorable moments and count the blessings! 🙏😊