Stupid school prank – Nab the “thief”

To kill boredom at school me (and a few kindred spirits) used to play this prank. Here is how it used to play out: Look for some object in the school bag, say a pen or a box. Deliberately hide it in another classmate’s bag. Make it look like you lost something and are frantically searching for it. Ensure that your “searching” is noticed. Then announce that you lost your pen and you had it when you came to school. Organize an impromptu search of everyone’s school bag. Open the “thief’s” bag and claim he stole it. Throw a few punches and ask other friends to join in the fun. Let the “thief” off with a strict warning not to steal anything in future.

Looking back it was stupid thing to do but I can assure you it was fun at that time when you were administering the beating.

Note of caution: Got to be careful in selecting the “thief”. It’s got to be someone who’s strong enough to take the blows and gentle not to retaliate 😀