Remote control covers / cases

This is the age of ubiquitous remote controls and pretty much every appliance comes packaged with one. Nothing appeals to human beings as much as reclining on a couch and pushing the buttons on those controls. Especially men watching a game eating popcorn with their favorite sports team playing 😀 It’s one of the most prized possessions in every home 🙂 Few decades ago when I was growing up in India as TVs with remotes were introduced in the market they were objects treated with the most reverence. So much so one of the first buys after laying hands on a remote was buying a case/cover to protect those much treasured objects. If a case/cover was not readily available people used to go to great lengths covering the remote with ziploc like transparent plastic and taping it to fit it snugly with the remote. Personally those cases or covers never appealed to me much. Using remote control with cover on is like having protected sex, not quite the same experience as one without 😀 Only reason I can think of for buying those covers/cases is protection from liquid spills while using them. Even that reason doesn’t hold much water as one shouldn’t be handling remote controls and liquids at the same time. Finish with one before handling the other 😉 Another explanation is fear of the numbers or letters on those buttons wearing off. The doesn’t make sense too. Wear off suggests user is very much aware of the function of those buttons and can handle those buttons blindly. Besides if there is so much wear and tear it may be time to replace the remote at least (if not the appliance itself) 😀