The Most Important Scientist You’ve Never Heard Of!

Longer read than I am used to these days, I found it fascinating and absolutely riveting. Combines science, history, automobile and oil industries, tragedies and Government for context and makes it a must read. 👌
Have to agree Clair Patterson most likely was one the most important scientists who might now be relatively unknown. Role of his doctoral advisor is important and interesting for the lies he told to get funding for Clair Patterson’s important research. Truly, in search of truth a thousand lies is worth it if it means countless lives saved! This article also probably offers explanation why America might be one of the most admired (courage, creativity, tenacity and sagacity of individuals determined to do good without fear of consequences) and most reviled nations (power of corporations/industries to ignore safety in pursuing profits). The ultimate triumph of a noble soul, pitted against very powerful forces, is gratifying to read. 👏
Kudos to the writer Lucas Reilly who has done a masterful job of bringing in all the elements for a great piece. 👍

P.S. Having seen “Unleaded Gasoline” label on gas station pumps I was wondering if leaded gasoline is still sold. As of 2017 only Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar, North Korea, and Afghanistan had not banned leaded gasoline. Was thinking perhaps the “Unleaded” label should be removed too just to remove any traces of lead that might have been used to paint the labels 😂