Favorite bedtime story! πŸ˜Š

When my son was very young, he liked to hear bedtime stories. Wife generally read books or narrated stories. Sometimes the responsibility fell on me. I was too lazy to read and with my limited recollection of full tales my well of stories dried up pretty soon. ☹️ Only options seemed to be to either read a book or try to recollect full stories from my past reading. That would have made for too much effort for me but then I found a simple solution: Tell him his own story! Son warmed up to the idea quickly. πŸ‘
The basic structure of the story always remained the same!
Start with his birth and incorporate different activities into the tale. Activities could include things like reading, writing, math, biking, swimming, sports, music etc. In the tale, in every activity, when he started, he would suck and over time he would get really good at it. In some instances, he would even do well enough to get a prize! πŸ‘To test if he was sleepy, before every activity, I would ask how he did when he started. If he was not sleepy or sleeping yet he would enthusiastically reply “He sucked!”. πŸ˜‚ If I did not get a response it was cue for me to end the storytelling πŸ˜ƒ
The beauty of any solution lies in its simplicity and in this tale, I could add, modify or change elements based on whatever new activities he was currently engaged in or had recently taken part in. After a while whenever he said “Dad, tell me a story!” both of us knew what he wanted to hear πŸ˜‰
My reasoning as to why it always worked
1) It had a ring of familiarity to it πŸ‘
2) It always had a happy ending πŸ₯°
3) Kids (and many grown ups) like to hear their own praise from others! πŸ˜…