Proof wife is smarter

During these tough times all of us need a reason to smile 🙂 or laugh 😀 Was watching a news show today anchored by a lady. Her hairstyle looked a little different. Remarked to my wife “Does that lady’s hairstyle look a little odd?” Pat came wife’s response “Yes, her hairdresser/hairstylist must be off now due to social distancing”. As if on cue a lady guest appeared on the show in a remote location and she appeared to be having a bad hair day herself proving wifey right 😀 And I was left wondering “Duh, I should have reasoned it myself considering that hairdresser/hairstylists’ business has been hard hit by the lockdown/social distancing guidelines issued across most parts of the country”! I now truly believe not only is wife is always right, she is also smarter 😀