WhatsApp: Delete for Everyone πŸ˜§

WhatsApp introduced a ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature few years ago which allowed a person who posted a message to delete it. That feature is useful as it allows the person who posted the message to delete it if it’s posted in the wrong group or if it was meant for one or few members of the group and not for the entire group. Few months ago it appears WhatsApp extended ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature for WhatsApp Group Admins too (I discovered the feature by accident as I had been added as an Admin to a group which I either was not aware of or had forgotten). The feature in itself is not a bad thing. However, the way it’s been implemented is problematic IMHO.πŸ‘ŽWhy do I think so? There are multiple reasons
1) ‘Delete for Everyone’ is the first option when you choose to delete. I don’t know about others but I prefer to delete bigger files like audio, video clips after I am done hearing/viewing to clear space in my phone if I don’t feel the need to retain those files for future use. Would have preferred ‘Delete for Me’ as the first delete option instead
2) If ‘Delete for Everyone’ is chosen the deletion is done silently without confirmation or allowing the Admin to enter text for explanation. 😠 So, there is neither an option to confirm or cancel if ‘Delete for Everyone’ is chosen by mistake nor is there an option to enter text for deletion reason if intent is indeed to delete for everyone
3) To make matters worse it seems all other members of the group get notification that a group Admin has deleted a message while the person who deleted the message is left none the wiser if deletion was done my mistake. 😑This is a recipe for sowing discord or discontent in groups. I can imagine either getting angry reaction from other group members or getting a “silent snub” if a group Admin deletes a post by mistake. πŸ€”
To me it appears the same code that was developed to allow a person to delete his/her own post has been reused without much thought that the context is different if a different person deletes it for entire group πŸ‘Ž
Bottom line: When organizations try to METAmorph to either gain an early mover advantage or to stay relevant they sometimes spread their resources thin and end up not paying attention to detail πŸ™

WhatsApp and Water: What’s the connection?

I checked WhatsApp on my phone this morning after a few days. In couple of bigger groups I am in there were 100+ unread messages/posts since the last time I had checked. As usual many were forwards and forward of forwards and so forth. Quite a few were video clips and of course no morning is complete without some folks posting Good Morning messages with pictures πŸ™‚ Some interesting, informative, important posts lost in the overall clutter 😦 A thought struck me. WhatsApp is like water!

On the surface there is not much in common between the two. Water is nature’s creation that’s a wonder and WhatsApp is man-made that makes you wonder what was it created for. But then I discerned the similarities!

1) Both are free
2) Both can be shortened to WA
3) Both consumed mainly through pipes, fatter the pipe faster the receipt
4) If not monitored both can easily overflow their containers
5) Just as water gets polluted with release of effluents WhatsApp posts also get polluted by people forwarding posts and adding their own tweaks to make it more “interesting”, the original losing whatever charm it had in the process
6) Both are subject to wanton misusage. Those who have access to either in plenty prone to use it like there is no tomorrow
7) Those with scarce availability dig deeper, quite possibly depriving others of their fair share
8) Unfortunately both end up in a sea of bilge quite often
9) Anything that is free and not properly used eventually comes with a big price for all

What is true for WhatsApp is also true for other social media tools like FB, Twitter etc. What say?