Raj Farm: Status call 1 notes

Raj Farm status report for week# 1

Howdy folks!

Thanks for checking in. Below is status report for Raj plant project for the week# 1 along with issues and action items from this morning’s status call.

Attendees: Team tomato (plant and seeds), Team cucumber, Team pepper (plant and seedlings), Team garlic/chives (seeds), Team basil (stubborn seeds), Team lavender (stubborn seeds),

Meeting Minutes: PM (Plant Manager) Raj opened the call and each team presented current status.

Team tomato (plant and seeds): Combination of off the shelf plant and seeds have worked well. Team tomato seed also likely to get good support from Team hibiscus of last year to stand tall. At the current rate of growth on track to deliver 2 tomatoes for the season before Fall!
Team cucumber: Impressive growth. Way to go! Will be interesting to see if this team continues at the same pace.
Team pepper (plant and seedlings): Nothing like friendly competition to spur growth. Planting sapling in the same pot as seeds has stirred the seeds into seedlings.
Team garlic/chives (seeds): Showing some life after slow start
Team basil/Team lavender (stubborn seeds): Not much progress here. PM with escalate if trend continues next week.

Highlight of the week: Impressive showing by Team tomato and Team cucumber

Issue: Team basil/Team lavender no show. Owner: PM Raj, Plan of action: Augment growth by adding slow release plant food to the mix, if needed, Due Date: Tomorrow

Risk: Rabbit feasting on what sprouts and tender saplings. Owner: PM Raj, Plan of Action: Monitor the situation carefully and provide cover as needed.

Action Items:
1) Water plants, Owner/s: Nature/PM Raj, Frequency: Daily
2) Maintain balanced exposure to sunlight for promoting growth, Owner: PM Raj, Planned Action: Check if plants drooping due to lack of sunlight or wilting under too much heat and move pots accordingly. Due Date: tomorrow

Plant project current status: Green (What else did you expect from a plant project πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ )

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