2020 Raj Farm Update# 6 – Harvesting: Are we there yet?

Folks, much awaited update from Raj Farm! I know all the followers of the farm have been waiting with bated breath to devour the latest from the farm πŸ˜‰ Rest assured we have been doing the same here, literally πŸ˜„ Today’s update is packed with superstars. In the next update we will cover in detail today’s rising stars shaping up to be tomorrow’s superstars! πŸ‘
1) Superstar# 1 – Cucumber: Prolific and super fast growth. Gracing morning salads and vegetable sandwiches at the farm daily πŸ‘
2) Superstar# 2 – Sweet Bell Pepper: Flavorful and tasty, farm thankful from the bottom of the belly πŸ‘Œ
3) Superstar# 3 – San Marzano Tomato: Breakout moment awaited when they change color for the better πŸ‘
4) Superstar# 4 – Yellow Roses: They express themselves better than words can describe them πŸ₯°
5) Superstar# 5 – Walla Walla Onion: Delights await below the soil. State of Washington put on notice! πŸ‘
6) Superstar# 6 – White Lisbon Bunching Onion: Slender and tender, waiting to add flavor to farm cuisine πŸ‘
7) Superstar# 7 – Pink Roses: Charming and pretty, nice and friendly πŸ₯°

Summary: For the question in everyone’s mind, “Harvesting: Are we there yet?”, the answer is “We are pretty much there with some, getting there with the tomatoes, watermelon, strawberry, habanero and jalapeno peppers” 😊
Many thanks from Raj Farm to the patrons and loyal followers for their support of this produce and floral heaven πŸ™

2020 Raj Farm Update# 5 – The Great American Transplant!

In keeping with the spirit of July 4 weekend theme for today’s update is Independence and The Great American Transplant at the Raj Farm! Prior to today’s update all plants at the farm were growing in pots. Some of the plants had been clamoring for independence. Happy to report the farm has been able to make that happen for plants that had grown and were capable of being independent. πŸ‘ For other plants we reached a compromise and transplanted them with the promise their case for independence would be reviewed periodically over the next few weeks πŸ™

Independent at last! πŸ‘Œ
1) Roma Tomato: 2 set of seeds were planted this season. Both grown and mature, granted independence! One now growing in soil right outside kitchen wall (top left picture) and on the ridge (middle left picture)
2) Cucumber: 2 set of seeds were planted this season. One set grown and mature, fully independent growing in soil right outside kitchen wall (top left picture). Has started flowering
3) San Marzano Tomato: Top right picture. Fully independent, about a dozen raw tomatoes waiting to ripen and add color!
4) Sweet Bell Pepper: Top right picture. Independent! One pepper nicely shaping up (circled in white), others in flowering stage
5) Habanero Pepper: Independent and on the ridge (Left middle picture)
6) Watermelon: Planted after last update, growing independently now (Left middle picture)

Transplanted for freedom! πŸ‘
1) Jalapeno Pepper: Transplanted to separate port for experiencing freedom (bottom right picture)
2) Pink Rose: Transplanted to different bigger pot for freedom to grow faster and express themselves more freely

Happy where they are! βœ‹
1) Strawberry: Bottom left. Developing well after weathering initial rabbit attack
2) Basil: Happy to stay put as all others that were sharing space have moved out! No morning at the farm is complete without flavorful basil leaf adorning the sandwich πŸ™‚
3) Onion – White Lisbon Bunching: Spreading fast like grass. Impressive growth (bottom right picture, left big container)
4) Onion – Walla Walla: Washington’s official vegetable mascot for now, pretty soon Washington state will cede that right to Wisconsin. After all UW means University of Wisconsin, Madison whatever those upstarts from the Pacific Northwest may think or say πŸ˜‰ Hey Walla Walla Organics (https://www.facebook.com/wallawallaorganics/), get ready for some serious organic Walla Walla competition from Raj Farm πŸ˜‚

Next update will likely feature “Harvesting: Are we there yet?” πŸ₯°

Raj Farm wins prestigious awards!

We here at Raj Farm are humbled by the honor this farm has received in the form of multiple awards in recent days. πŸ‘
The awards that have been won are
1) Fastest growing farm *
2) Spirit of green *
We would like to thank our patrons and many followers for their unstinting support and much encouragement over the years and making Raj Farm a part of their lives spring through fall.πŸ™
Nothing works better as expression of gratitude and thanks than flowers. Smiling roses waving and saying thanks in their own inimitable way βœ‹
Looking forward to sharing more such happy moments in the future! πŸ‘

* Instituted in 2020 by “Raj Encouraging Raj” foundation, the prestigious “Fastest growing farm” and “Spirit of green” awards are given to farms in Raj backyard that follow the highest standards of excellence and quality, grow at a rapid pace and adhere to sustainable practices for this generation and posterity to live in harmony with their surroundings πŸ™‚

2020 Raj Farm Update# 2

Yes, Raj Farm has been chugging along! Come rain or shine, flora at Raj Farm keep smiling and growing. Sorry, the farm is not yet open for public visits as social distancing protocols have to be maintained and some of the fledgling plants need extra protection. πŸ™ For now you have to be content with the content you see online πŸ™‚
It’s been a great year of learning for Raj Farm class of 2020. Some have blossomed beautifully in colorful ways πŸ‘Œ Tomatoes (Roma and San Marzano) and cucumbers are coming into their own, peppers have been a mixed bag πŸ‘Habaneros started a little slow but appear to have hit their stride now. Sweet bell pepper plant may need some personal attention as it appears to be withering a bit. Jalapenos have been a no show so far, expect them to emerge from their shell shortly. The motto of Raj Farm has always been “Grow at your own pace”. In accordance with that some of the plants that have grown quite a bit will move on from their dorm, where they share space with other fellow plants, and graduate to living separately in their own space. Other plants that are still getting their feet wet will stay in the dorm for now. Their development will be monitored and they may move to their own place if the farm faculty determine that would speed up their development. All in all good show by all plants. Kudos to class of 2020, you have come a long way! We are proud of you all πŸ‘

2020 Raj Farm Update# 1

Did you think Raj has gone to seed? Well, if you did you would have been right actually literally πŸ˜€
Yes, Raj Farm is back! The seeds hold mysteries in the center picture with hints on top & the sides!
Will current Raj channel the former Raj to discover back the farmer Raj mojo? πŸ˜‰ Time will tell!
Is Raj all in? You betcha, he has bet his farm πŸ™‚

Raj Farm: Status call 3 notes

Plant Manager (PM) Raj : Howdy folks, hope you had a great time past few weeks. Thanks for checking in. Sorry for the call cancellations past 3 weeks, had to take care of some personal work. But Raj Farm has been buzzing with activity even during my absence

Customer: It’s alright, family comes first

PM Raj: Thanks for the understanding, really appreciate it. Status of Raj Farm project will be presented individually by plant module leaders from each plant team. Before we get started let me introduce new member added to Team Basil, basil plant! This new addition to the team is experienced and expected to provide a fillip to Team Basil. He has been there and done that. Welcome to Raj Farm project team, basil plant. Do you want to introduce yourself to this team and say Hi to the larger team, my man Basil?

Basil Plant: Thanks for the kind words, I look forward to interacting and growing with other teams and show the kind of progress this great team expects and is used to.

PM Raj: Thanks, we look forward to you being a valuable member of the plant team and guide the summerlong basil seeds along the way. Ok, Team Tomato module leader will be up first!

Team Tomato module leader: Good afternoon. I am speaking on my behalf of both the plants and once upon a time seeds. Team did great last week. We developed and grew together very well. Our team would like to thank our move to new office pots to accommodate our growth. As you can see we have started blooming! In few weeks we plan to add more color and you should see all the efforts bear fruit. I will let the humans decide whether you call us a vegetable or fruit. Humans are good at fighting over relatively insignificant things like nomenclature πŸ˜€

PM Raj: Thanks Team Tomato and good progress. Your point about human beings fighting over inane stuff is well taken πŸ™‚ Team Cucumber, your turn next!

Team Cucumber module leader: Hi All, out team has been been outstanding and beating expectations. This week was not different. We grew by leaps and bounds. When we deliver your thirst will be quenched for sure barring anything unexpected happening. I would like to point out we have been facing challenges from the RabMunks combine.

Customer: What are the RabMunks?

Team Cucumber module leader: Sorry, that’s our term for the voracious and rapacious team of rabbits and chipmunks. We would appreciate assistance to keep them at bay.

PM Raj: Thanks Cucumber team, we will put in a word with the RabMunks and try to convince them to eat delicious grass in the lawn instead. Will be useful in reducing maintenance work too πŸ˜‰ Team Pepper, your turn next!

Team Pepper module leader: Without a doubt we are the hottest team. This week the seed team showed growth and development across the board. It was a good week.

PM Raj: Thanks Pepper Team, Garlic/Chives/Oregano Team your turn now.

Garlic/Chives/Oregano Team: Our team is a low key team and we believe in building a strong base first. You don’t see much at this time but we promise that in a few weeks you will be impressed by our results.

PM Raj: Thanks Garlic/Chives/Oregano Team, we appreciate all the hard work under the soil. Final update from Team Basil

Team Basil module lead: Thanks PM Raj, you have reserved the best for the last πŸ˜‰ With addition of experienced Basil to our team things are looking good and lifted the team spirit

PM Raj: Thanks Basil, appreciate the improvement. Before we wrap up I would like to add couple of words. Some of the seed teams (cilantro, lavender, Summerlong basil) might have felt overwhelmed by excess soil over them. That is a lesson learned. Another lesson is starting early in spring if seeds are going to be used. Project status is Green this week too. Detailed status report will be sent separately

Thanks a lot, everyone. Have a great one before our next status call!

Raj Farm: Status call 1 notes

Raj Farm status report for week# 1

Howdy folks!

Thanks for checking in. Below is status report for Raj plant project for the week# 1 along with issues and action items from this morning’s status call.

Attendees: Team tomato (plant and seeds), Team cucumber, Team pepper (plant and seedlings), Team garlic/chives (seeds), Team basil (stubborn seeds), Team lavender (stubborn seeds),

Meeting Minutes: PM (Plant Manager) Raj opened the call and each team presented current status.

Team tomato (plant and seeds): Combination of off the shelf plant and seeds have worked well. Team tomato seed also likely to get good support from Team hibiscus of last year to stand tall. At the current rate of growth on track to deliver 2 tomatoes for the season before Fall!
Team cucumber: Impressive growth. Way to go! Will be interesting to see if this team continues at the same pace.
Team pepper (plant and seedlings): Nothing like friendly competition to spur growth. Planting sapling in the same pot as seeds has stirred the seeds into seedlings.
Team garlic/chives (seeds): Showing some life after slow start
Team basil/Team lavender (stubborn seeds): Not much progress here. PM with escalate if trend continues next week.

Highlight of the week: Impressive showing by Team tomato and Team cucumber

Issue: Team basil/Team lavender no show. Owner: PM Raj, Plan of action: Augment growth by adding slow release plant food to the mix, if needed, Due Date: Tomorrow

Risk: Rabbit feasting on what sprouts and tender saplings. Owner: PM Raj, Plan of Action: Monitor the situation carefully and provide cover as needed.

Action Items:
1) Water plants, Owner/s: Nature/PM Raj, Frequency: Daily
2) Maintain balanced exposure to sunlight for promoting growth, Owner: PM Raj, Planned Action: Check if plants drooping due to lack of sunlight or wilting under too much heat and move pots accordingly. Due Date: tomorrow

Plant project current status: Green (What else did you expect from a plant project πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ )