2022 Raj Farm Update# 3: Firewalls!

It’s a sure sign of summer at Raj Farm. 4-legged hackers have been gaining access to and stealing data (flowers, fruits, veggies, leaves, shoots and anything else that is edible!). 😑It’s a summerlong game the hackers like to call “Stop me if you can” that’s played out past few years at Raj Farm. πŸ˜ƒ Security is of prime importance and so we have put up firewalls for protection of the plants. I know the firewalls/cages/trellis around lettuce, beets, parsley and salsa peppers have wide range of ports open making them less secure but it’s to satisfy application (of hands to pluck produce) needs. 😊 The hackers have drawn first blood with successful breach of lettuce, beets, parsley and salsa pepper containers. The situation will be closely monitored rest of the summer and security updates issued as necessary πŸ˜‰
Nah, I am not angry or upset with the 4-legged hackers. Wifey says if they win we earn good karma for feeding hungry creatures, I agree with that πŸ‘ The hackers are very resourceful πŸ‘ but I just wish they were smarter though. Let me explain. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” goes a saying. And my hand waters the plants! If the hackers don’t show enough restraint they are jeopardizing their own food source πŸ˜‚