2022 Raj Farm Update# 12: Saucy SanMs and Pretty CherryTs!

Saucy San Marzano tomatoes (SanMs) courting pretty Cherry tomatoes (CheeryTs) 😍
That’s like a big NFL player in love with a petite gymnast! 😄
“Bountiful harvest” say the sporting cherry tomatoes, about their saucy suitors, with a twinkle in the eye 🥰
Sassy! Mighty crush I must say! 😂👍

2021 Raj Farm Update# 10: Light and Water Magic!

What exactly is Raj Farm?
Simply put Raj Farm is a concept brought to life spring through fall by nature!
I refer to this phenomenon as ‘Light and Water Magic’ that unfolds when nature provides ample sunlight and rain to nurture and nourish the backyard plants allowing them to bloom and flourish, producing a bountiful harvest! 👍🙏

2020 Raj Farm Update# 8 – Bountiful Harvest 👍

It’s harvest time at Raj Farm, folks, and it’s been bountiful harvest this year! 👏 This news must come as music to your ears as y’all have been waiting anxiously to hear this good news all year. It’s been cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onion bunches, basil, strawberries and roses all the way! 👌 Yes, we have had to deal with rapacious rabbits but the hardy plants of Raj Farm have weathered the most ferocious attacks and still stand strong and tall 👏 We here at the farm shored up the defense of the most vulnerable plants by standing them up on smooth and sheer plastic face i.e. inverted buckets, to make it harder for the rabbits to get a grip on this situation. So far it appears to be working 👍
For more information let the picture speak to all patrons of this farm.

Always remember one thing:
At Raj Farm we don’t produce produce, we harvest love 🙏