Looking back, looking ahead 🙏

Today is the last day of 2021. Right time to look back, look ahead.
Put simply 2021 has been an extraordinary year!
A year in which
• Good and bad were engaged in a constant battle
• Many lives were saved, many lives were lost
• Prosperity soared and paucity increased
• The bright lights of democracy were threatened by inimical forces
• We witnessed courage and cowardice in plenty
• Truth tried to emerge while misinformation exploded
• Olympian heights were reached along with plumbing of depths
• Welcome jabs were followed by unwelcome jabbing
• Lessons were learned hard and quickly forgotten
• There was a lot gained and a lot lost
• Hope and fear seemed to be juxtaposed

It has been a year to reevaluate priorities and relationships, both personal and professional, for many including yours truly. Will be interesting to see how historians view 2021. When 2021 and 2022 meet I hope the intersection is at love. 🥰 Hey, even the number 2022 has a good feel to it! Like beautiful swans together, one followed by two! Humanity needs to transition from a world of pain, loss and grief to one that abounds in love. My optimism is tempered by reality and reality is tinged with optimism. 🙏

Sayonara 2021! Welcome 2022! 👍

The year 2020

It’s the final weekend of 2020. Boy oh boy, the year of COVID has been incredible. This is the year we all learned to value some of the things below that may be taken for granted during good times
1) Food
2) Home
3) Togetherness
4) Privacy
5) Work
6) Health
7) Vote
At the start of the year if that was the prediction of what we would learn the consensus reaction would have been “Deal!”. Little did we know learning the value for many would come from loss of food security/home/job/health/life of a family member or through forced separation/forced time together at home or with the risk of their vote not counting. 😢
2020 has not been real, it’s been surreal. Nothing illustrates this better than long lines of people outside food banks contrasting with booming fortunes of a few at the same time. Misery and prosperity coexisting together. Yes, that’s how it’s been.
Even 20/20 now sounds like a dystopian vision, not perfect vision.With all the pain and general misery the year is coming to an end with hopes of glimmer. 👍All the folks in their lab coats, the scientists, doctors and nurses have been simply magnificent. 👌
People have been generous donating their time, money and food to those in need. This time of crisis has brought out the best in many. 👏
Hopefully 2021 will witness humans reaching Olympian heights in their achievements and at the same time it’s a safer and gentler world.
Three qualities, with all their connotations, will be needed most for that:
Hope, Faith, Resolve 🙏


Spreading like wildfire,
Sweeping everything in its way,
Novel coronavirus had a big say,
The eastern states were humbled,
That was the first quarter. 😢

Some went Woodward,
Others went wayward,
Spiraling into the untoward,
The Midwest stumbled,
Unfolded thus the second quarter. 😢

The flames turned into wildfire and leapt westward,
Aided by heat, strong wind and follies of humankind,
Consuming pristine woods like there is no tomorrow,
Leaving behind trail of destruction and sorrow,
Not quite done yet in the third quarter. 😢😭

As we look ahead,
Not yet out of the woods,
People trying to pick up the pieces,
Will we rise from the ashes like a phoenix,
Will the situation improve in the fourth quarter? 🙏