What would I otherwise like to do for a living – Series #1

I am sure every job has its own requirements and attendant pressures. For many folks how they do their job depends on what has been promised to the customer and what their own targets have been set to. Lot of time is spent in following processes and ensuring company directives are met. Which means less time likely spent in actually doing the work and more time getting approvals and documenting the work in trying to follow defined processes. When all you want to do is solve a problem or fulfill a customer requirement it can be frustrating to have many processes that slow things down and/or place too many restrictions. “What would I otherwise like to do for a living” series is in that context. My first choice would be to be a writer of short pieces. About anything that people can relate to. It could be about nature, sport, profession, food, man-made structures, good deeds, life experience etc. In short find extraordinary in what might otherwise be considered ordinary and offer unique perspective. If it brings a smile to the reader and/or the person is able to relate to it that would be satisfying. Even otherwise there is inherent satisfaction in putting something together.

Which brings us to the word of the day: raconteur – a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.

My first option for a living if given a choice: raconteur 🙂