Robin/robin conversation

Robin bird, robin bird, where you been hiding?
Bright is the morning
When you start singing
How you been doing?

Robin man, Robin man, you know it’s now Spring
Flew up north to start nesting
I see that you have been packing
Where are you heading?

Robin bird, robin bird, it’s now Spring
Going south to start nesting
Great day for chatting but I better get going
Before cold winds start blowing!

Robin man, Robin man, this is time for relaxing
Enjoy the now and start tomorrow your planning
A life that’s grounded and spent worrying is quite boring
More fun to let ideas take wing, send your imagination soaring!

Lost in the mists of time

Happy faces boarded a flight hoping to fly north,
Unbeknownst to them their trip would go south;
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this,
What did the innocents do to deserve this?

Days passed and turned into weeks,
Each day brought more innuendo and unconfirmed leaks;
Anxious faces scanned all news, alternating between hope and dread,
One day came the terse announcement “Everyone on flight 370 is dead”

Now they are lost in the mists of time,
They have departed before it was their time;
Searchers looked in vain collecting just an occasional piece,
Lost forever may all aboard MH370 rest in peace

Tesla – Mo Cushla!

Electric with excitement was the air,
To my surprise it was over a car;
Wondered what’s great about a gas-guzzler,
Learnt Tesla is a lithium-ion battery powered trailblazer!

Created with passion by a team driven by Elon,
This car smells sweet like musk and rolls with elan;
Heard whispers that Apple wants to add its own touch,
About such unconfirmed iCar rumors I care not much!

Some swoon for its looks sleek,
Others swoon over price of its stock;
My swoon was caused by sticker shock,
Hoping it will cost much less as more buyers flock!

See No Light?

Punching above your weight,
All day and night,
Nary an end in sight,
Ever wonder why you see no light?

Try as hard as you might,
For a future bright;
Life is much more than just a fight,
Why not relax and sit tight?

When the time is right,
Sure as day follows night,
Fright will turn into delight,
You will see things in a different light!