Feast before frost: Peaky Blinders look! 😃

My friend, Ravenous Bunny, had a jolly good time I must say with a feast before frost. The end result: Tall stemmed plant is now looking Packers QB Aaron Rodgers with his new Peaky Blinders haircut 😂

Links to video clips of Ravenous Bunny below

Caught in the act!

Had gone out for grocery shopping. Looks like one person was looking forward to me going out: My philosopher friend rabbit 😅 Seizing the moment rabbit started scoping the backyard for food potential. Wife was having supper. She got up to photograph her little buddy. Rabbit did a full 360 as he surveyed the menu on display. Took a bite of flower plant I transplanted to coir basket this morning (transferred earlier rabbit victim yellow rose plant to the pot this flower plant was originally in this morning) 😡 Then wife uttered the magic words: Raj will be back home any time now! 🤣 Good presence of mind 👏 Rabbit pulled a vanishing act instantly 🙂 Remains to be seen what tonight holds for the poor plants facing a ravenous and rapacious rabbit intent on rampage 😢