Raj Farm wins prestigious awards!

We here at Raj Farm are humbled by the honor this farm has received in the form of multiple awards in recent days. 👏
The awards that have been won are
1) Fastest growing farm *
2) Spirit of green *
We would like to thank our patrons and many followers for their unstinting support and much encouragement over the years and making Raj Farm a part of their lives spring through fall.🙏
Nothing works better as expression of gratitude and thanks than flowers. Smiling roses waving and saying thanks in their own inimitable way ✋
Looking forward to sharing more such happy moments in the future! 👍

* Instituted in 2020 by “Raj Encouraging Raj” foundation, the prestigious “Fastest growing farm” and “Spirit of green” awards are given to farms in Raj backyard that follow the highest standards of excellence and quality, grow at a rapid pace and adhere to sustainable practices for this generation and posterity to live in harmony with their surroundings 🙂