2022 Raj Farm Update# 1: Rose to the occasion! 👍

Pink, Yellow and Red roses leading the way! 👏
They certainly rose to the occasion. 😊
This year trying a slightly differing approach to potting plants. Lot of plastic pots from buying flowering pots past few years with soil inside too. Trying to minimize buying new pots and reuse existing ones. Towards that end I have cut out the bottom of some of the plastic pots and placed them in spaces with an inch or two of the soil dug in. The idea is to use the soil inside the pot and yet promote the growth of the roots in the soil underneath the open bottom of the pot. The pot should also provide a support structure in windy conditions. Let’s see how it works out. In the composite picture roses appear to be leaning toward roses of other colors and engaging in a lively conversation. 😄
Enjoy the feast for the eyes of flowers in bloom 👍

Raj Farm wins prestigious awards!

We here at Raj Farm are humbled by the honor this farm has received in the form of multiple awards in recent days. 👏
The awards that have been won are
1) Fastest growing farm *
2) Spirit of green *
We would like to thank our patrons and many followers for their unstinting support and much encouragement over the years and making Raj Farm a part of their lives spring through fall.🙏
Nothing works better as expression of gratitude and thanks than flowers. Smiling roses waving and saying thanks in their own inimitable way ✋
Looking forward to sharing more such happy moments in the future! 👍

* Instituted in 2020 by “Raj Encouraging Raj” foundation, the prestigious “Fastest growing farm” and “Spirit of green” awards are given to farms in Raj backyard that follow the highest standards of excellence and quality, grow at a rapid pace and adhere to sustainable practices for this generation and posterity to live in harmony with their surroundings 🙂

I am doing my job, you do yours!

As I looked out the window this morning my heart sank. The rose plant in the backyard had a trimmed look, dreams appearing to be nipped in the bud 😭
The culprit: Rabbit of course 😡
Tried to reason with the rabbit. This is how the conversation went.

Me: Hey rabbit, what have you done to my rose plant? Do you have an explanation for your action?
Rabbit: I did what I normally do!
Me: Which is?
Rabbit: Doing my job!
Me: And what is your job?
Rabbit: What you see!
Me: Eating whatever is in sight?
Rabbit: Listen, you are doing your job, I am doing mine. You are trying to put food on the table, I am trying to put food into my mouth. We are both doing our jobs. Do I complain to you about how you do your job?
Me: Can we work out a solution where you do your job part-time so that the plants can survive too, you still have your job and I can stay in the business of growing plants? 🙂 The rabbit ran away before I finished what I was saying 😠

I learned my lesson the hard away though. The great outdoors belong to the flora and fauna of that place. We are probably lucky to get a lease on something that doesn’t really belong to us 🙏

2020 Raj Farm Update# 4

Time for Raj Farm update! It’s been a period of hectic growth and lot of activity at Raj Farm. Let’s cover this week by each plant category
1) Cucumber: 2 set of seeds were planted this season (Top right picture). One set has grown large enough to warrant moving to own container, the other set can for now remain in the container and probably will grow faster without the shadow of bigger cucumber plant looming large
2) Jalapeno Pepper: Growing in same container as the cucumbers. Will have more room to grow when bigger cucumber moves out
3) Habanero Pepper: Growth acceleration seen after moving to own container
4) Roma Tomato: 2 set of seeds planted this season. Top right in separate pot and bottom left co-located in a bigger container with basil. Bottom left Roma tomato outgrowing container, will to be moved out
5) San Marzano Tomato: Bottom left picture. Growing in separate pot, first sign of tomato observed with yellow flowers making appearance. Outgrowing the container. Will be moved out
6) Sweet Bell Pepper: Growing in separate container (bottom left picture). Some buds seen
7) Basil: 2 set of seeds (bottom left picture). Co-located with Roma tomato in bigger container. Growing well, more space need will be met when Roma tomato co-tenant moves out
8) Roses: All growing in their own separate container/pot (bottom left an bottom right). Seeing them flower brings a smile always
9) Strawberry: Growing in separate small pot (bottom right). Newcomer to the farm. Showing signs of early promise
10) Onion: Onion seeds planted this week (top right corner of big container in top right picture). Right now only black patch visible as we allow onions to settle in
11) Watermelon: Waiting in the wings, not planted yet. They will soon be in action!

Next update will feature “The Great American Transplant” 🙂

2020 Raj Farm Update# 3

You thought we would have taken it easy last week? Nope, Raj Farm has been humming with activity 🙂 The growing needs of this season’s batch has been recognized along with the need to still maintain social distancing. Major activity at the farm the past week has been transplanting and moving the plants around. Leftmost top and bottom pictures are the plants in their dorm before the move. It was obvious the dorm was getting crowded and space was getting tight if the plants wanted to spread their wings and explore growth opportunities. Some of the plants, like the roses (middle 2 bottom pictures), wanted to move to new digs hoping to blossom on their own like their friend in bottom rightmost picture. Their wishes have become real. Hey, we are all about making budding dreams come true and letting those beauties flower even more feeling free to express their colorful personalities. Sweet bell pepper was feeling a bit of a misfit with the roses and expressed a desire to move to own place preferring solitude. That was accomplished too. The cucumber plants wanted a break in sharing space with the tomatoes and were hoping to share room with the pepper plants (jalapeno and habanero). Their desire has been fulfilled too and they appear to be liking the newer dorm with bigger room to grow (top rightmost picture)! Promises to be a busy summer here at Raj Farm. We wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂