2020 Raj Farm Update# 6 – Harvesting: Are we there yet?

Folks, much awaited update from Raj Farm! I know all the followers of the farm have been waiting with bated breath to devour the latest from the farm 😉 Rest assured we have been doing the same here, literally 😄 Today’s update is packed with superstars. In the next update we will cover in detail today’s rising stars shaping up to be tomorrow’s superstars! 👍
1) Superstar# 1 – Cucumber: Prolific and super fast growth. Gracing morning salads and vegetable sandwiches at the farm daily 👏
2) Superstar# 2 – Sweet Bell Pepper: Flavorful and tasty, farm thankful from the bottom of the belly 👌
3) Superstar# 3 – San Marzano Tomato: Breakout moment awaited when they change color for the better 👍
4) Superstar# 4 – Yellow Roses: They express themselves better than words can describe them 🥰
5) Superstar# 5 – Walla Walla Onion: Delights await below the soil. State of Washington put on notice! 👍
6) Superstar# 6 – White Lisbon Bunching Onion: Slender and tender, waiting to add flavor to farm cuisine 👍
7) Superstar# 7 – Pink Roses: Charming and pretty, nice and friendly 🥰

Summary: For the question in everyone’s mind, “Harvesting: Are we there yet?”, the answer is “We are pretty much there with some, getting there with the tomatoes, watermelon, strawberry, habanero and jalapeno peppers” 😊
Many thanks from Raj Farm to the patrons and loyal followers for their support of this produce and floral heaven 🙏