2022 Raj Farm Update# 5: Peeking tomatoes!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me start with a question. By show of hands can you let me know “How many of you know about Peking duck?”. I see quite a few hands go up. Wow, that’s impressive! πŸ‘πŸ‘Let me ask another question.
“How many of you know about peeking tomatoes?”. What, not a single hand has gone up. πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‰ Hmmm…that’s surprising as that’s what I see when I look out my kitchen window. Yeah, the San Marzanos have been standing tall and making quite a statement this year. They aren’t ripe yet but the outlook looks promising. Don’t get bugged by the bunny you see in the picture, it’s not real. I call it the bugless bunny 😊 Tomato, cucumber and zucchini flowers are yellow. Been seeing a lot of that color. Don’t be surprised if you call me and I answer with a “Yellow!” instead of a “Hello!” πŸ˜…

2021 Raj Farm Update# 2 – Biggie Smalls!

Presenting the Raj Farm Notorious BIG Tomato and small cherry tomatoes: Biggie Smalls!
No rap on the supermarket tomatoes but the consensus opinion, from NY to LA, is that the Raj Farm Notorious BIG Tomato and small cherry tomatoes are the best and together the 2 pack flavor that is simply too good to resist πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
True stars that are savored best fresh from the farm πŸ‘
At Raj Farm we don’t produce produce, we harvest love πŸ™

2020 Raj Farm Update# 3

You thought we would have taken it easy last week? Nope, Raj Farm has been humming with activity πŸ™‚ The growing needs of this season’s batch has been recognized along with the need to still maintain social distancing. Major activity at the farm the past week has been transplanting and moving the plants around. Leftmost top and bottom pictures are the plants in their dorm before the move. It was obvious the dorm was getting crowded and space was getting tight if the plants wanted to spread their wings and explore growth opportunities. Some of the plants, like the roses (middle 2 bottom pictures), wanted to move to new digs hoping to blossom on their own like their friend in bottom rightmost picture. Their wishes have become real. Hey, we are all about making budding dreams come true and letting those beauties flower even more feeling free to express their colorful personalities. Sweet bell pepper was feeling a bit of a misfit with the roses and expressed a desire to move to own place preferring solitude. That was accomplished too. The cucumber plants wanted a break in sharing space with the tomatoes and were hoping to share room with the pepper plants (jalapeno and habanero). Their desire has been fulfilled too and they appear to be liking the newer dorm with bigger room to grow (top rightmost picture)! Promises to be a busy summer here at Raj Farm. We wouldn’t want it any other way πŸ™‚