2020 Raj Farm Update# 3

You thought we would have taken it easy last week? Nope, Raj Farm has been humming with activity πŸ™‚ The growing needs of this season’s batch has been recognized along with the need to still maintain social distancing. Major activity at the farm the past week has been transplanting and moving the plants around. Leftmost top and bottom pictures are the plants in their dorm before the move. It was obvious the dorm was getting crowded and space was getting tight if the plants wanted to spread their wings and explore growth opportunities. Some of the plants, like the roses (middle 2 bottom pictures), wanted to move to new digs hoping to blossom on their own like their friend in bottom rightmost picture. Their wishes have become real. Hey, we are all about making budding dreams come true and letting those beauties flower even more feeling free to express their colorful personalities. Sweet bell pepper was feeling a bit of a misfit with the roses and expressed a desire to move to own place preferring solitude. That was accomplished too. The cucumber plants wanted a break in sharing space with the tomatoes and were hoping to share room with the pepper plants (jalapeno and habanero). Their desire has been fulfilled too and they appear to be liking the newer dorm with bigger room to grow (top rightmost picture)! Promises to be a busy summer here at Raj Farm. We wouldn’t want it any other way πŸ™‚

2020 Raj Farm Update# 2

Yes, Raj Farm has been chugging along! Come rain or shine, flora at Raj Farm keep smiling and growing. Sorry, the farm is not yet open for public visits as social distancing protocols have to be maintained and some of the fledgling plants need extra protection. πŸ™ For now you have to be content with the content you see online πŸ™‚
It’s been a great year of learning for Raj Farm class of 2020. Some have blossomed beautifully in colorful ways πŸ‘Œ Tomatoes (Roma and San Marzano) and cucumbers are coming into their own, peppers have been a mixed bag πŸ‘Habaneros started a little slow but appear to have hit their stride now. Sweet bell pepper plant may need some personal attention as it appears to be withering a bit. Jalapenos have been a no show so far, expect them to emerge from their shell shortly. The motto of Raj Farm has always been “Grow at your own pace”. In accordance with that some of the plants that have grown quite a bit will move on from their dorm, where they share space with other fellow plants, and graduate to living separately in their own space. Other plants that are still getting their feet wet will stay in the dorm for now. Their development will be monitored and they may move to their own place if the farm faculty determine that would speed up their development. All in all good show by all plants. Kudos to class of 2020, you have come a long way! We are proud of you all πŸ‘

Miss my spitting image, do ya?

As usual The Raj believes in discussing and reviewing the most pressing issues facing humankind πŸ˜‰ In the spirit of sharing and helping I start with the question “I miss my spitting image, do ya?” πŸ™‚ No, I am not referring to any Raj doppelganger though it’s amusing to imagine a world full of Raj the Bod lookalikes, wouldn’t you agree? πŸ˜€

The important issue involves shopping for fruits and vegetables and plastic bags provided by grocery shop where I go. Man, those plastic bags are so thin and slippery as an eel. In my old avatar during pre-covid-19 times it wasn’t a problem at all. Any non-bagged fruit or vegetable I wanted all I had to do was pull out a plastic bag, one dab of the tongue with my index finger and voila! those thin plastic bags used to open when I rubbed my thumb and index finger on either side of the bag. I was on a roll then πŸ‘ Not so now 😦 Saliva is a strict no-no now due to risk of infection and anyways licking finger in my masked glory not a comfortable thing to do. While I was struggling mightily to get open those pesky little plastic bags every time, I noticed it was a breeze for other shoppers around. One day in desperation I sheepishly asked a lady shopper nearby is there a technique to opening the bags. She suggested tugging the top handles of the plastic bag away. I think the idea is to let some air get into the bag and then open the bag rubbing the outside of the plastic bag with fingers. Appeared to work for her. Not for me though πŸ˜† Either I used to pull those handles too vigorously ripping the damn thing apart or give a few gentle tugs and keep trying in vain to open the bag. Resigned to the prospect of an almighty struggle with the flimsy plastic bags, at least for the near future, I moved to the section where the shop has cilantro, green onion, parsley and other greens. To keep them fresh shops either spray water periodically or have ice around those veggies. Boom, I had found my savior! πŸ‘ One light touch of the ice or the water on a veggie and the thin, smooth, flimsy plastic bag was no longer my archnemesis πŸ™‚

These days when I go grocery shopping I first go to the section where veggies have water or ice around, grab a few plastic bags, touch the water or ice, open all the bags a bit, dump them in the cart and off I am for some Raj shopping glory sans plastic bag opening woes πŸ‘Œ

2020 Raj Farm Update# 1

Did you think Raj has gone to seed? Well, if you did you would have been right actually literally πŸ˜€
Yes, Raj Farm is back! The seeds hold mysteries in the center picture with hints on top & the sides!
Will current Raj channel the former Raj to discover back the farmer Raj mojo? πŸ˜‰ Time will tell!
Is Raj all in? You betcha, he has bet his farm πŸ™‚