2020 Raj Farm Update# 5 – The Great American Transplant!

In keeping with the spirit of July 4 weekend theme for today’s update is Independence and The Great American Transplant at the Raj Farm! Prior to today’s update all plants at the farm were growing in pots. Some of the plants had been clamoring for independence. Happy to report the farm has been able to make that happen for plants that had grown and were capable of being independent. πŸ‘ For other plants we reached a compromise and transplanted them with the promise their case for independence would be reviewed periodically over the next few weeks πŸ™

Independent at last! πŸ‘Œ
1) Roma Tomato: 2 set of seeds were planted this season. Both grown and mature, granted independence! One now growing in soil right outside kitchen wall (top left picture) and on the ridge (middle left picture)
2) Cucumber: 2 set of seeds were planted this season. One set grown and mature, fully independent growing in soil right outside kitchen wall (top left picture). Has started flowering
3) San Marzano Tomato: Top right picture. Fully independent, about a dozen raw tomatoes waiting to ripen and add color!
4) Sweet Bell Pepper: Top right picture. Independent! One pepper nicely shaping up (circled in white), others in flowering stage
5) Habanero Pepper: Independent and on the ridge (Left middle picture)
6) Watermelon: Planted after last update, growing independently now (Left middle picture)

Transplanted for freedom! πŸ‘
1) Jalapeno Pepper: Transplanted to separate port for experiencing freedom (bottom right picture)
2) Pink Rose: Transplanted to different bigger pot for freedom to grow faster and express themselves more freely

Happy where they are! βœ‹
1) Strawberry: Bottom left. Developing well after weathering initial rabbit attack
2) Basil: Happy to stay put as all others that were sharing space have moved out! No morning at the farm is complete without flavorful basil leaf adorning the sandwich πŸ™‚
3) Onion – White Lisbon Bunching: Spreading fast like grass. Impressive growth (bottom right picture, left big container)
4) Onion – Walla Walla: Washington’s official vegetable mascot for now, pretty soon Washington state will cede that right to Wisconsin. After all UW means University of Wisconsin, Madison whatever those upstarts from the Pacific Northwest may think or say πŸ˜‰ Hey Walla Walla Organics (https://www.facebook.com/wallawallaorganics/), get ready for some serious organic Walla Walla competition from Raj Farm πŸ˜‚

Next update will likely feature “Harvesting: Are we there yet?” πŸ₯°

2020 Raj Farm Update# 4

Time for Raj Farm update! It’s been a period of hectic growth and lot of activity at Raj Farm. Let’s cover this week by each plant category
1) Cucumber: 2 set of seeds were planted this season (Top right picture). One set has grown large enough to warrant moving to own container, the other set can for now remain in the container and probably will grow faster without the shadow of bigger cucumber plant looming large
2) Jalapeno Pepper: Growing in same container as the cucumbers. Will have more room to grow when bigger cucumber moves out
3) Habanero Pepper: Growth acceleration seen after moving to own container
4) Roma Tomato: 2 set of seeds planted this season. Top right in separate pot and bottom left co-located in a bigger container with basil. Bottom left Roma tomato outgrowing container, will to be moved out
5) San Marzano Tomato: Bottom left picture. Growing in separate pot, first sign of tomato observed with yellow flowers making appearance. Outgrowing the container. Will be moved out
6) Sweet Bell Pepper: Growing in separate container (bottom left picture). Some buds seen
7) Basil: 2 set of seeds (bottom left picture). Co-located with Roma tomato in bigger container. Growing well, more space need will be met when Roma tomato co-tenant moves out
8) Roses: All growing in their own separate container/pot (bottom left an bottom right). Seeing them flower brings a smile always
9) Strawberry: Growing in separate small pot (bottom right). Newcomer to the farm. Showing signs of early promise
10) Onion: Onion seeds planted this week (top right corner of big container in top right picture). Right now only black patch visible as we allow onions to settle in
11) Watermelon: Waiting in the wings, not planted yet. They will soon be in action!

Next update will feature “The Great American Transplant” πŸ™‚

2020 Raj Farm Update# 2

Yes, Raj Farm has been chugging along! Come rain or shine, flora at Raj Farm keep smiling and growing. Sorry, the farm is not yet open for public visits as social distancing protocols have to be maintained and some of the fledgling plants need extra protection. πŸ™ For now you have to be content with the content you see online πŸ™‚
It’s been a great year of learning for Raj Farm class of 2020. Some have blossomed beautifully in colorful ways πŸ‘Œ Tomatoes (Roma and San Marzano) and cucumbers are coming into their own, peppers have been a mixed bag πŸ‘Habaneros started a little slow but appear to have hit their stride now. Sweet bell pepper plant may need some personal attention as it appears to be withering a bit. Jalapenos have been a no show so far, expect them to emerge from their shell shortly. The motto of Raj Farm has always been “Grow at your own pace”. In accordance with that some of the plants that have grown quite a bit will move on from their dorm, where they share space with other fellow plants, and graduate to living separately in their own space. Other plants that are still getting their feet wet will stay in the dorm for now. Their development will be monitored and they may move to their own place if the farm faculty determine that would speed up their development. All in all good show by all plants. Kudos to class of 2020, you have come a long way! We are proud of you all πŸ‘