In praise of Fall

Nature is putting on quite a show
When you look out you will surely know;
You see an explosion of color
It’s nature’s gift for you to savor!

This time of the year is known as fall
Many a tree will see its leaves fall;
Witness the magic before the leaves are shed
As they turn yellow , orange or red !

Behind the fall colors and the frisson
Is an important life lesson;
You can either choose to worry about the future
Or live in the present and spread joy like nature!

In praise of Summer

Summer was quite hot
Boring it surely was not!
Who would have thought
I would be a grower
Of vegetables and flower
And happy to be a farmer!

Summer is now getting cool
As kids return to school;
Fond memories of dry air
Making way for nip in the air!
Nice to cool off under the fountain
Before warm weather draws the curtain!